How to program a Genie Intellicode or Overhead Codedodger garage door opener remote transmitter.

   The Genie garage door openers have used a learn button for many years and now that Overhead is owned by the same company as Genie the remote control transmitters program the same way and are compatible with each other as in they are interchangeable.

Programming Steps:

1) Remove the Garage door opener lens or light cover if necessary to gain access to the learn button that is underneath. Find the learn button on the power head which is near the antenna wire and the screw terminals where the push button and safety photo-cell sensor wires connect to the power unit.

2) Press and release the learn code button  and verify the LED light underneath the button is blinking two times per second. (Holding the learn button for approx 10 seconds until until the LED light underneath the button goes out will erase all transmitter and keyless entries that are programmed into the unit)


3) Press and release the door opener transmitter button that you wish to use for that door within thirty seconds or before the LED. starts blinking four times per second. The LED will stop blinking. Press and release the very same transmitter button again and the LED light will go out. The transmitter is now programmed to open or close the garage door the next time the button is pushed.

4) If you have more than one door and a multi-button transmitter repeat steps 2-3 above for the other doors by using a different transmitter button for each unit. (Using the same transmitter button for more then one door at the same location will cause all the doors using that button to open and close at the same time and is not recommended.) The openers normally come with a single or a 3-button transmitter but 2-button and 4-button transmitters are also available as an option.

5) Repeat steps 2-3 above if you have more than one transmitter to program into your garage door opener.



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