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 Garage is owned and managed by Greg Smith and was established in 2002 by an individual who has been in and around the garage door sales and service dealer industry for more than 35 years. I personally started as an installer trainee with Toledo Automatic Door & Window in 1978 and transferred to the Action Automatic Door & Gate Florida division in 1982 and am currently it’s commercial estimator. Therefore not only do I have a vast knowledge of the garage door and garage door opener industry, but I also have personally met many of the dealers throughout the country over the years.

  The website was established to provide a means for the consumer to easily locate a professional, licensed, and insured garage door dealer in their area of the country at cost to the consumer. Although many dealers have web sites, some of them have not been optimized to where they can be easily located without knowing the dealers actual URL address. Therefore, the website's main goal is to be a short-cut bridge between the internet searcher and the garage door dealer that is located in the consumer's service area while providing some basic information.

   At one time I personally participated in a number of internet forums answering questions pertaining to garage doors questions but over the last few years by participation in those types of forums have ended and I place my focus elsewhere. While there are some forums with very knowledgeable and accurate information there are also many where the advice is not in the homeowners best interest IMO. I do believe that for you to get the best and most accurate answer you should seek the advice of those local door dealers in your area that are most familiar with the local building codes and what effects the local weather has on durability of your garage door and/or opener.

   I do hope the site has help you in seeking out information about products, services, and dealers at that you found easy to use and worth the time of your visit. However if you have any questions or suggestions you're always welcome to contact me personally. Again thank you for your visit!!!

  Greg Smith
  Ft Myers, FL

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 If you are a IDA Garage Door Dealer (Members Only) & don’t see your company on our IDA dealer page for your state(s) please contact us and we will make sure to add you during an update.
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