IDA garage door dealers can provide overhead sectional and roll up garage doors and garage
door openers for every type of use or budget from castles to carports to stand alone buildings.

Garage doors for castles to stand alone buildingsConvert your carport into a garageGarage Doors for Stand Alone Buildings

   If you are looking for a wood garage door, a carriage house door, a strong insulated door, or a non-insulated steel door your local IDA garage door dealer can provide the garage door and/or garage door opener that will fit your needs and budget. Though many garage doors may look the same from the outside they are not all built the same on the inside. Who can better explain the differences between doors and openers than your local dealer who deals with these types of products all day long and every day of the week. Sure you can go to one of the big box home improvement stores but are you going to talk with a "door person" or a "nuts and bolt person"?

Two Single Car Garage Doors With Windows

   When you deal with a local IDA garagedoor dealer you can get a free in-home estimate and have the convenience of not only dealing with the seller but you are also dealing direct with the garage door installation company that sets the schedule. Who wants to buy and pay for a new item for the home, only to be told that someone will contact you at some unspecified time within the next couple of days so they can check the job and after that your door will be ordered at some other unspecified time. In many cases your local garage door dealer will have the door for your home in stock and could possibly have it installed before the box store installers have even had time to contact you to make the field measurements.


Are you considering or thinking about ordering
a garage door or garage door opener online?

   Let's face it, an overhead sectional garage door or rolling steel garage door is not an easy item to ship. It is not something that can be shipped by the national small package delivery companies. Instead they will need to be shipped by one of the motor freight companies that may require you to unload it from the back of the truck yourself. It is totally up to the truck driver's decision of whether he will help you or not. Also once the door or opener leaves the dock from wherever it is shipping from you own it, regardless of the condition the product is in when it is received. Sure you can make a damaged goods claim, but you will end up waiting weeks for a partial payment for a product that can not be installed. Even if the product does not arrive damaged, what are you going to do if it does not work after you have finished installation? Will you be forced to take it back down and ship it back to the seller and then wait for the new material to arrive before you can use the garage again? Who needs the hassle when your local IDA garage door dealer can take care of the selling, the scheduling, the delivery, and the installation of your door and/or garage door opener all in a relatively short period of time!

Many garage door dealers carry other products
than just garage doors and garage door openers!

   While your local IDA garage door dealer is at your home for your free garage door estimate ask them about the other home improvement products that they carry. These may range from entry doors, to windows, to garage shelving, to automatic or manual entry gates, and to many different types of access control and other home improvement products.




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