Is the new construction garage door for your new
dream home or your first starter home? Note the
design and the appearance of the residential
overhead garage door can alter the overall
appearance of the whole front of your new home!

   Although many new homes are using the basic four panel wide steel door on single car doors and an eight panel wide on a double car door, there are many different styles and designs available. These range from a flush or flat design to the long, extended, or ranch panel design with numerous window options. (The use of windows is very limited in wind borne debris regions that are located in the hurricane windload zones on the southeastern Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coast.) The wood garage doors that are designed to look like the old carriage house doors are also gaining in popularity in many areas of the country. Although this type of wood door tends to be much more expensive than a standard non-insulated steel door they can give your new home a custom and unique look. Your local IDA garage door dealer can assist you in the selection of the design of the garage door to keep your home from having the cookie cutter appearance.

Side Garage Door on  Home Under Const Front Garage Door and Opener Installation on New Construction Home

   Even though your garage may not be heated or
air-conditioned, you should not rule out using an
insulated steel door since they can be much more
durable than a non-insulated steel garage door!

   Many people automatically assume that they don't need an insulated door for an opening on a non-insulated garage. However, there are a number of benefits to a sandwich constructed insulated door beyond its insulating value. Some of them being that they are much quieter than a non-insulated door and that they are much more resistant to the bangs and bumps of everyday living. The sandwiched constructed doors also have a much more appealing look on the inside and are easier to keep clean and maintain. However there are some insulated garage doors that do not have a full interior steel skin and may not offer all the same benefits as a double sided steel door. Ask the local garage door dealer in your area to explain the difference between doors and the options that are available.


Whether you have a custom or odd size
opening by design or by mistake, usually
the garage door can be made to fit the opening
as opposed to making the opening to fit the door!

   Many of the garage doors that are on the market today can be ordered in a custom or odd size to fit those unusual size openings. Although there is usually an up-charge for varying from a standard size, the up-charge could easily be less than changing a opening that has already been finished. You may be able to use a larger size door and simply let the door over lap the opening if you are using a flush or flat door, but if you are using a panel design door the opening overlapping part of the panels will generally distract from the overall appearance of the home. Ask your local garage door dealer for a door that is designed to fit the opening along with your budget and needs!

Double Car Carriage House Garage Door With Glass

The appearance of the overhead garage door
on a commercial or industrial building should
not be the main or only deciding factor!

   In choosing a commercial overhead garage door one should also consider the type of use, the amount of daily use, and the type of environment where the door will be operating. If the door is going to be opened and closed a lot of times each day to keep out the weather or certain people the door can be designed with high-cycle springs that could be rated up to a 100,000 cycles or more which can cut down on how often the springs would need to be changed. The overhead door track could also be designed to maximize the amount of space above the door and to get the door up near high ceilings where the door would be less inclined to get struck by forklifts and other lifting equipment for materials. Consult with your local IDA garage door professional about the many optional items that are available for a commercial overhead garage door.




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