The Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection is an insulated double-sided steel garage door with a rustic faux
wood 2-part overlay to give you the texture and elegance of a natural wood garage door without
having to deal with the normal regular
maintenance of a real wood door to maintain
the outside beautiful appearance of your home.

   The faux wood overlay on the garage door is a 1/2” thick polymer composite cladding and overlay that is molded from real natural wood to get an exact replica of the actual grain patterns and textures. It will even have the natural imperfections like knots, cracks, holes, and deep odd shaped pockmarks that you see in nature. The grain pattern is also true stile which means that the grain will run up and down on vertical pieces and run sideways on horizontal pieces which gives it a much more real wood look effect. Although the overlay has an identical look to the real natural wood from what it was formed it is much more lightweight and durable. Therefore this durability will  make it much easier to maintain the door to its original appearance and the lighter weight will also put a lot less stress on the inside hardware such as the rollers and hinges which should also reduce the overall wear and tear service repair cost over the life of the door.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Ultra Grain Garage Door

   The overlay simulates the look of the old style carriage house or swing doors but still work in the same manner as a standard overhead garage door. The under-laying material is available in a simulated clear cypress, mahogany, or pecky cypress and can have a clear cypress or mahogany overlay planking. There are 14 base designs to start with a number of different optional window patterns and decorative hardware options that give you over 200 different style combinations to choose the one that suits your home and taste. You also have the choice to have a painted white, either a medium or dark stain factory finish, or it can be stained in the field in any stain color you choose.

   Lastly they are an insulated garage door that is available with either 1-3/8” of polystyrene insulation that has a R-Value of 8.5 or a R-Value of 19.2 when you choose the 2” polyurethane insulated door. The calculated garage door section R-Values are in accordance with DASMA TDS-163.

   Visit Clopay’s website to see the many different design options that are available to chose from or their Canyon Ridge Image Gallery to see a simulated look of some of the garage doors on a few different house styles.



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